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“The Present is the legacy of the Past”

Sanitary ware and Tiles

“The Present is the legacy of the Past”

Sanitary ware and Tiles

Sanitary ware and Tiles

NBM is a distinguished provider of premium tiles and sanitary ware solutions, contributing to the aesthetic refinement and functionality of spaces across Qatar. Our company has been a cornerstone in the nation’s pursuit of elegant and innovative interior design.

This division wishes to enrich living spaces by offering an extensive range of high-quality tiles and sanitary ware products. We aim to be the preferred choice for homeowners, designers, and contractors, delivering excellence through exceptional design, durability, and customer satisfaction.

GANI Marble Tiles

Best marble tiles with natural marble elegance is the trademark of Gani Marbles. A brand recognized by over 72 countries worldwide and supplying to prestigious residential, commercial, and hospitality projects, Gani marbles is a brand that upholds premium and luxurious products to the market. With continuous research and innovation to produce high-quality products Gani marbles still assumes the responsibility of protecting the Earth’s environment.

Sanitary ware and Tiles

GANI Collection

Some of our Gani Marble Tiles. Click the image to view more
Sanitary ware and Tiles

Halcon Tiles

Nabina Building Materials, is your premier destination for top-tier ceramic and porcelain tiles in Qatar. As the exclusive distributor of HALCON Tiles, we take pride in offering a distinguished range of products from Halcón Tiles, a renowned Spanish company with a rich legacy dating back to 1963.

At Nabina Building Materials, we bring you an extensive selection of HALCON tiles, including floor and wall tiles, as well as trims. The versatility of our offerings is reflected in the varied sizes, colors, textures, and finishes available, allowing you to tailor your space to perfection.

Halcon Collection

Some of our Halcon Tiles. Click the image to view more

Sanitary ware and Tiles

Monalisa Tiles

Nabina Building Materials, your exclusive gateway to excellence in ceramic solutions in Qatar. Proudly serving as the sole distributor for Monalisa Group CO., Ltd, we bring you a world-class selection of ceramic products from one of the industry’s leading names.

At Nabina Building Materials, we are dedicated to bringing the exceptional offerings of Monalisa Group to the Qatari market. Our collaboration not only signifies a commitment to quality and innovation but also a promise to deliver the latest in ceramic technology to your projects.

Monalisa Collection

Some of our Monalisa Tiles. Click the image to view more

Sanitary ware and Tiles

Capron Tiles

Nabina Building Materials, your exclusive destination for premium Capron Tiles – the epitome of elegance and durability in the world of tiling solutions. With a commitment to quality and aesthetics, we take pride in being the authorized distributor of Capron Tiles, offering a diverse range that caters to the discerning needs of our valued customers.

Carpon Collection

Some of our Carpon Tiles Collection. Click the image to view more

Moonstone ™

Engineered by the Nabina Marble factory and proudly made in Qatar, the Moonstone line of a surface solution is high-tech and adds a modern feel to any surface. With a wide range of selection of colors and designs, you get the perfect fit for your projects.

Nabina Marble factory

Sanitary Ware

Your classic choice to your kitchen and bathroom sanitary wares and accessories. With a full range of products from faucets, showerheads, plumbing fixtures to complete shower and kitchen accessories solutions. We deliver quality hygiene solutions to your homes and your establishment.


A front runner in kitchen and bathroom accessories since 1990. Jomoo products are now well known across 120 countries and regions. Adhering to the concept of “Start Your Smart Life” Jomoo has been in pride in the Nabina sanitary products.

Nabina Group Showrooms

Jomoo Collection

Some of Jomoo Sanitary ware Collection. Click the image to view more

Jaquar World

Jaquar group has been an expert in complete bathroom and lighting solutions since 1960 providing world-class, premium, and luxury bathroom systems. Nabina proudly introduce this line of products, committed to delivering great value and continuous product innovation.

Nabina Group Showrooms

Jaquar Collection

Some of Jaquar Sanitary ware Collection. Click the image to view more


Capron Sanitary Ware stands as a distinguished brand in the realm of bathroom fixtures and accessories, proudly distributed by Nabina Building Materials. This renowned collection encompasses a diverse array of products, including faucets, showers, bathtubs, toilets, bidets, sinks, and mirrors. Crafted with a commitment to excellence, Capron sanitary ware is synonymous with durability, elegance, and functionality. 

Sanitary ware and Tiles

Capron Sanitary Collection

Some of Capron Sanitary Collection. Click the image to view more

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