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“The Present is the legacy of the Past”

“The Present is the legacy of the Past”


We, Nabina Group, are Master License holder in Health & Medical Science Technology as an Exclusive Distributor in the state of Qatar for MBST Magnetic Resonance Therapy Device which has been invented & developed by MedTec Medizintechnik GmbH, Germany.

And we are pleased to assign Al Ahmadani Medical Center as the first sub-licensee to operate the MBST Treatment Center in Qatar.

MBST is a tissue-specific treatment. The MBST technology is based on the physical effect of magnetic spin – the same that is used in the gold standard of diagnostics, MRI. The imaging magnetic resonance tomography (MRI) combines strong magnetic fields and radio wave impulses to stimulate hydrogen protons in organic tissues. The impulses transfer energy to the protons which changes their biophysical parameters measurably. From this data, a computer generates images for diagnostic use. The MBST therapy uses magnetic resonance not for imaging but to stimulate damaged and dysfunctional cells on a molecular level via targeted energy transfer metabolically, among other things.

Different types of tissue have different parameters. While this enables MRI to generate highly contrasting image, MBST makes use of these parameters to activate the highest possible number of protons in the treatment area, which means to transfer the highest possible amount of energy. This is why there are different MBST therapy cards. 

For more than 20 years, MedTec Medizintechnik GmbH has been celebrating great success with MBST magnetic resonance therapy and is now one of the innovation elite and the growth leaders of German medium-sized companies.