About Us

Nabina Real estate

Nabina Real Estate has grown to become one of the largest real estate companies in Qatar. Nabina Real Estate offers comprehensive services from the selection of site and feasibility studies to construction and property management.

At Nabina Real Estate, we believe expert advice and bespoke service enables us to build long-lasting and trusting partnerships with our clients. We’re passionate about delivering an exceptional customer experience for every client we are introduced to.

The range of properties administered and leased in Qatar includes warehouses, showrooms, workshops, offices, villas and apartment buildings, it is envisaged that Nabina Real Estate will concentrate its efforts and resources towards the development of prestigious real estate complexes to supplement the growing demand for commercial and residential properties.

By providing a full spectrum of real estate services we ensure that we can meet our client’s every need. From experienced investors to first-time rental clients, we offer a comprehensive property solution. We also offer in-house mortgage advice and interior design solutions.

We have experts in every field to guide you from beginning to the end of your real estate journey with us.