About Us

Nabina Marble Factory

NABINA has imported quality Granite and Marble from around the world for decades and has invested in Aqua jet cutting and finishing machinery required to provide the single source supply of finished goods for any project size.

Granite countertops are both beautiful and durable, easy to clean, resistant to heat and scratches. The affordability of granites and the wide range of colours makes it a great material for both kitchens counters, bathrooms counters, and tile flooring.

Marble is both classic and luxurious. Natural marbles are a gift and blessing from Nature. Marbles have been favored for a long time with their decorative effects since they have been used in many classic buildings but Marbles are precious since they are formed by nature over thousands of years and their source becomes increasingly sought after.

Gani Marble Tile

GANI has innovated Marble Tiles—a revolutionary category of tile for people pursuing quality and green decorative materials. For years, GANI has been insisting on promoting the development of this tile category around the globe complimentary to natural marble the Gani Marble tile is the natural alternative giving longevity, quality and an outstanding range of marble designs.

Moonstone ™

Moonstone A Hi-tech solid surface engineered by Nabina in Qatar adding a modern feel to any surface. Unique colors and designs delivering a seamless surface which can incorporate a sink in complimentary colors if you wish.