Scaffolding In Qatar

Scaffolding In Qatar

Base Plate:

Our base plates are 5mm thick whereas most others on the market are just 2mm – 3mm thick and are often uncertified or certified to a lesser standard than ours.

Caster Wheel:

The stem of this caster wheel is 1 3/8 in. OD with a 4 in. length. It has a double safety margin built into the load rating. Our wheel is heavy duty, load tested to handle 500 pounds with a 8-to-1 safety margin.

Coupling Pin:

Our coupling pin and spring and designed for use with stacking scaffold frames. The pin is 1 3/8 in. dia. x 9 in. H with a 1 5/8 in. dia. collar and rugged all-metal construction.

Cross Brace:

We sell scaffolding configured for one of two spacings: 7ft. between frames and 10ft. between frames, indicated by the first number in the cross brace description. The second number is the space between cross brace studs on the applicable frame, which varries by pattern and style.

Pipe Support:

We offeres products are developed in 100kg/m3 density to 300kg/m3 density and different sizes such as 15NB to 500NB. These products are being appreciated for their remarkable attributes such as longer service life and high compressive strength.


Scaffolding platform. 10 ft. x 19in. Made of aluminum and plywood.

Walk Through Frame

Our 5ft x 6ft 6in premium walk-through set meets and/or exceeds all regulations.The frames use our C-Locks for added safety and security. To maximize the life and longevity of our scaffold sets we apply a high visibility yellow powder-coating.