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Nabina Building Material

The Nabina Building Materials since 1951, Nabina Building Materials is a name synonymous in the construction industry.
The reliable supply of quality building materials is crucial for construction projects. With the evolution of new techniques and building designs, the demands from construction have increased and so have been the services of Nabina Building Materials. We source and deliver a wide assortment of construction materials to satisfy the ever-growing needs of the customer’s needs while maintaining the credibility and standards associated with the name of Nabina.

We offer a full range of products including but not limited to normal and epoxy reinforced steel (one of the first dealers of Qatar Steel), structural steel, binding wire, ordinary and marine plywood, Austrian Plywood, Scaffolding (Powder Coated Quality), pipe supports (Powder Coated Quality) polyethylene sheets, water and heating isolation materials, kitchens, doors, marble, granite, sanitary ware, wardrobes, vanity units and various other building materials sourced internationally or manufactured by us in Doha.