About Us

Nabina Group of Companies

The Nabina Group of Companies is one of the oldest and largest independent family owned businesses in the State of Qatar. Inspired and driven under the vision of Late Mohammed Ibrahim Nabina.

Nabina Trading Establishment

During the golden age in Gulf region, Oil and gas discoveries signalled a future full of opportunity and growth. The founder foresaw the potential of huge growth and established a trading company for the sale of construction materials, the group continuously strives to supply and expand the range of products to meet the different needs of our customers in the contracting and building market.

The Nabina since started continued to expand with huge growth of country and has become one of the largest companies in building, contracting and construction materials in Qatar.


Constructing Services
Constructing Services That Build Relationship

Trust is at the core of our reputation in the contracting and building construction industry, we at the Nabina Group are known for delivering our promises, for taking on the challenges in the business and continuously looking for ways to further improve our customer satisfaction utilising the latest customer service and processing technology has helped us to constantly strive towards making the customer experience a quality serve.

Nabina believes in employing professionals whose goals of customer satisfaction are clearly defined. We deliver our services with the best professionals who have joined hands together with Nabina to provide our customers with the quality of care you would expect from Nabina.

Nabina Trading
Our Companies Serves All

Here at the Nabina Group of Companies we are in direct contact with the total supply chain and its stakeholders from the contractors to the consultants, from the architect to the engineers as well as the public. Both out in the field or within our extensive showrooms. The range of products and services offered by us suits all small, medium and large scale construction projects.

We have been rated as one of the best building and construction service providers serving the construction needs in the State of Qatar for over half a century. We are constantly improving and making it better for our customer while serving home improvement sector.


Mission and Vision
Chairman’s Message

Nabina Group of Companies is committed to fulfilling the ever changing needs of our customers by serving them and investing to keep our customers at the forefront of the newest trends and technology.
We take pride in our quality and customer satisfaction. We believe that customer satisfaction comes first.